About Info:

COAST Designs offers a menu style option of design services to the public.  We are also proud to showcase local Artisans from our area and the Southeast and offer cool, unique, funky, shabby chic, retro-vintage home decor, jewelry, and furniture in our downtown design studio. 

Our philosophy at COAST is to make unique design accessible to ALL because EVERYONE deserves a space that is "Comfortable, Original, Affordable, Stylish, and Timeless."  Whether it be finding the perfect piece to add character to your home or office, or utilizing our design services to help create the space you've always dreamed of, COAST's one of a kind offerings will transform your space from a blank canvas to one that tells an entrancing story!            #coast-designs    #lovewhereyoulive

               COAST Designs


18 E. 2nd Street

Frederick, MD 21701

Tel. 912.227.0413