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Transform your space from bland to blissful.

Interior design consultation accessible to every lifestyle and budget. Downtown Design Studio featuring local Artists and unique finds.

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Interior Designs tailored with you in mind.

Coast Designs wants your home or office to be beautiful and peaceful. We understand that every space can look completely different with the right design. Let us help you turn the spaces you spend time in to places you won’t want to leave. Our team of designers are here to tailor your space’s perfect look. Feel the Coast Designs difference and schedule your consultation today.

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Empower your space to tell an enchanting story.

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Love where you live.

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Create a home to embrace you with warmth and distinctive design.

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We've all been in a space that doesn't inspire:

  • Is your home boring, unimaginative, unreflective of your personality?

  • Did you inherit someone else's designs or color palette?

  • Do you get frustrated looking around your home because you know it could be so much more?

  • Is your space simply not working for you?

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Imagine walking through your door and thinking you've just stepped into the page of a home magazine designed specifically for you. 

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Old Payphones

Call or email us to discuss how we can help create the space you've always dreamed of having.


Desk with Book

Schedule your interior design consultation.


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Visit our downtown Design Studio for inspiring finds for your home. 


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In today's world, we spend so much more time at home. Now more than ever we all deserve to love where we live. 

Allow COAST to create a distinctly unique space that beautifully reflects you and your family.  We have helped many Frederick County residents open their eyes and realize the incredible space they’re standing in is their own.  We are passionate about the benefits of good design and want to help everyone create a space that is Comfortable, Original, Affordable, Stylish, and Timeless!

Wooden Furnitures

Ellen Ristorcelli

A complete redo of my living and dining room..using some of my furniture and used furniture she repurposed. Wendy was aware of costs and is very creative keeping in mind what I wanted. She is great.

Rustic Bedroom

Joanne Madison

She is so pleasant to work with. She takes the time to understand your wants/desires and helped us define our "style". She looks to repurpose items in our home rather than just telling us we need to buy something new.

Rustic Kitchen

Therese Daytner

“From the moment I walked into COAST, I knew I was in exactly the right place to find help making my new condo feel like “home”.  I’m thrilled to be working with Wendy to create a calm, yet inspiring home.

Who is COAST Designs?

Feel The Difference

Once upon a time in a land called Savannah, GA a busy wife and mom moved her family three times in one year trying to find the perfect place to call home. She felt overwhelmed, frustrated, and uninspired by her surroundings. She then found a house for her family that she liked okay and if fit their needs. After spending some time in the space, absorbing the possibilities, and realizing the potential, she set off on a great voyage to transform this "okay" house into a home they could all love. It took time, patience, and her innate design skills she had organically grown through many moves, fixer-uppers, travel, and design courses. Ultimately she realized she had a talent and passion for design and could help others realize the space they've always dreamed of having.  Hi, I'm Wendy Campbell and I would love to help do the same for your home or office!


Design Services

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